System 3 Retrofit Kit - Filter Cartridges for Sta Rite Filtration System

If you tired of lifting and cleaning those super heavy System: 3® filter cartridges, offers an alternative cost effective and smart solution, Excel Filter's The System: 3® Retrofit Kit which replaces the cumbersome and expensive OEM Filter cartridges and the EXISTING filter tank

System: 3® Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • ONE manifold, which is installed into the existing filter tank
  • TWO seconds for installing or removing the excel manifold for cleaning.
  • THREE easy-to-use cartridges which have the same effective square footage as compared to the massive OEM filter however they are easy to clean, maintain and have better product life.

What are the benefits of the System: 3® Retro-Fit Kit:
  • 3 compact cartridges that replace the heavy System 3® without compromising the Dirt holding capacity or Performance of the system.
  • Cost effective and economical replacement filters for your system, easy to service, clean or replace filter elements, which help improve the performance and reliability of your Sta-Rite filter while reducing your ongoing operating costs.

  • No need for extra effort, tools or winches to lift the filters for cleaning.
  • The dry new OEM filter is heavy. However once this massive filter is wet and loaded with debris it is a mammoth task to lift the filter and clean it. The filter can weigh as heavy as 100 lbs, which could be dangerous and unsafe to handle.
  • The deep pleats on the OEM filter makes it very challenging to clean the filter, however the replacement filter is easy to clean and we recommend using good filter cleaning attachment like theAqua Comb would make your life super easy when it comes to cleaning the filter cartridges.

  • Save Time and Money
  • The OEM Filter cartridges are super expensive due to the patent and the bulky construction, which is why it very difficult to locate them in stores or online In most cases the customer ends up paying a premium on those filters. is your one stop shop for the The System: 3® Retrofit Kit and replacement filter cartridges.

  • Engineered to deliver Performance, Added Value to customer, and clean and safe pool water.
  • Ideally these filter cartridges cartridges in the market can last for 5-8 years before any of the materials break down. The question is how effective are these filters? In most scenarios the performance and life of the filter keeps on degrading and would require frequent cleaning. The Retro-Fit kit is comprised of a manifold along with properly sized cartridges that prevent bypass and maintain a long useful life - and a much cleaner pool.
  • The point bonded fabric delivers superior performance with higher dirt holding capacity and it much easier to clean compared to other OEM or Chinese grade filters.

  • Super Easy to install.
  • Installation is simple! Lower the plastic manifold into the vessel and it snaps into place. No need for any permanent or complicated changes to your vessel.

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